Newmar RV Service Kit 3 Year for Oasis 103705L

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3-year service kit for Oasis heating system, 2151k. CH50 or CH50M (9002,6022,6020,14024,14025,20106). Newmar # 103705L. 

The 3-year kit includes the following items:

Part Description

Newmar #

12 V ignitor 9002 / 5270


Garber fuel filter element 6022


Compressor air filter (BEM-B)


Nozzle filter 14024


Nozzle "O" ring 14025


Digital flame sensor 20106


Click here for the 5-year kit: Newmar RV Service Kit 5 Year for Oasis 103705N

Click here for the annual kit: Newmar RV Oasis Annual Service Heating System Kit 103705K

*The difference between the 3 and 5-year kit is the addition of fuel nozzle 016307.