Newmar RV HWH R3847 Hydraulic Spring Kit 11.125" Coil Length 04146

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Replacement Spring Kit for Hydraulic Leveling Jacks R3847 (pair). This spring has 63 coils. Hardware not included.

Dimensions: Coil is 11 1/8 inches (11.125"). The length from end of hook to end of hook is 13 3/8 inches (13.375"). 1 5/8 inches (1.625") diameter.

Please note that your used spring's length may be slightly longer than the new spring. If you are uncertain about the kit you need, please feel free to contact us for help.

The easiest and most reliable way to determine which spring kit you need is to find the AP part number on the tag of the jack cylinder. That AP number will cross to the exact spring kit number. This HWH spring kit was/is used in the following assemblies:

HWH Hydraulic Jack Cylinder Assemblies Using Newmar Part Number 04146

AP0468, AP0498, AP0585, AP0947, AP1042 , AP1165, AP1168, AP1197, AP1198, AP1204, AP1613 , AP1615 , AP1901, AP1927, AP1930, AP1954, AP1955, AP2023, AP2024, AP2025, AP2026, AP2416, AP3898, AP8082, AP8112 , AP8164, AP8443 , AP8579 , AP8587, AP9098, AP9099, AP9306, AP9551, AP9567, AP9867, AP10107, AP10466, AP10717, AP10793, AP10882, AP10908, AP11147, AP11311, AP11312, AP11517, AP1152, AP11546, AP11703, AP11712, AP12076 , AP12503, AP12504 , AP13154 , AP14695, AP14696, AP14797, AP14916, AP14917, AP15196, AP15291 , AP15292 , AP15561 , AP15891, AP15892 , AP15900 , AP16076, AP16077, AP16100, AP16105 , AP16106 , AP16108, AP16109, AP16112, AP16113, AP16900, AP16901, AP17919, AP17920, AP17942, AP17943, AP18307 , AP18308 , AP18376 , AP18377 , AP18812 , AP18813, AP18815, AP18816, AP18817, AP19035, AP19036, AP19037, AP19038, AP20239, AP20313 , AP20316 , AP20770 , AP20771 , AP20955, AP21091, AP21092, AP21986, AP22419 , AP22420, AP22657 , AP22658, AP22808, AP22809, AP25180 , AP26327 , AP26328 , AP26651, AP26652, AP26658, AP26659 , AP27117, AP27118, AP27351, AP27352, AP28806, AP28808, AP28810, AP28812, AP28814, AP29355, AP29368, AP29382, AP29384, AP29386, AP29388 , AP29390, AP29392, AP29460, AP29468, AP29547, AP29620, AP29621, AP29622, AP29623, AP29971, AP29972, AP29973, AP29974, AP29975, AP29976, AP29977 , AP29978, AP29979, AP30386, AP30414, AP30717, AP30718, AP31012, AP31600, AP31606, AP31653, AP31656, AP31700, AP31701 , AP31940, AP31941, AP31982 , AP31983 , AP32034, AP32035, AP32094, AP32095 , AP32240, AP32241 , AP32536, AP32959, AP32960 , AP32961, AP32962 , AP32964, AP32965, AP33043, AP33118 , AP33119 , AP33120 , AP33288, AP33289, AP33954, AP34331, AP34474, AP34488, AP34489, AP34490, AP34583, AP34584, AP34592, AP34593, AP34595, AP34596, AP34641, AP35121, AP35122, AP35123, AP35124, AP35344, AP35345, AP35346, AP35347, AP35510, AP35511, AP35957, AP36172, AP36185, AP36952, AP37056, AP37057, AP37065, AP37066, AP37148, AP37149, AP37472, AP37609, AP39897, AP39927, AP39928, AP40858, AP41323, AP41689, AP41690, AP41998, AP41999, AP42908, AP42917, AP42918, AP42984, AP43007, AP43097, AP43099, AP43163, AP43164, AP43165, AP43180, AP43438, AP43453, AP43454, AP43770, AP43911, AP44097, AP44101, AP44102, AP44179, AP44180, AP44181, AP44256, AP44257, AP44287, AP44429, AP44432, AP44445, AP44447, AP44594, AP44595, AP44659, AP44661, AP44989, AP45002, AP45021, AP45075, AP45076, AP45077, AP45078, AP45081, AP45082, AP45083, AP45084, AP45179, AP45180, AP45426, AP45588, AP45656, AP45657, AP46303, AP46304, AP46747, AP46761, AP46762, AP46763, AP46799, AP47071, AP48086, AP48088, AP48138, AP48140, AP49586, AP50022, AP50023, AP50453, AP50454, AP50846, AP51266, AP51524, AP51592, AP51756, AP51775, AP51777, AP51844, AP51845, AP51847, AP51884, AP51886, AP51887, AP51890, AP51891, AP52063, AP52238, AP52239, AP52521, AP52522, AP52644, AP52645, AP52680, AP39898, AP39914, AP40503, AP40506, AP40509, AP40511, AP41844, AP41888


RAP9551, RAP92444, RAP92443, RAP9099, RAP8082, RAP3898, RAP1901, RAP1204